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Nadine Bell, dog sitting and training

A heart for dogs

I did my apprenticeship in dog training with the focus on upbringing in 2016, because I wanted to know for what reason our dogs were doing what.

When there was a new dog coming into our family, I didn`t know some of the funny new behaviors compared to our previous dogs. Although I couldn`t hide my scepticism, I learned that this method brings success. There are no additional tools and there is no violence, the training will take place at your home or on a dog walk so that you can`t say “…but all the things did work at the dog school!”

My aim is to have humans and dogs living together totally relaxed and stress-free!

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Dog Training

Taming ruffians the gentle way

Dogs are very sensitive creatures who have a keen sense of mood and can recognize honesty and falsehood better than it looks at first glance. That is why dogs react so differently to different training methods. Tricks, pressure or additional tools usually do nothing and are often counterproductive. If you work with trust, conviction, patience, honesty and love, you will be rewarded with attention, willingness to learn and reliability.

How I train:
  • without violence
  • with body language
  • with positive confirmation
  • giving and maintaining trust
  • attention exercises
  • safety to traffic with and without a lead
  • walking on a lead and without a lead
  • contact with other animals
  • solve tasks
  • interpretation of behavior

The training sessions take place in the familiar environment of the dog at home or on a walk in known and/or unknown terrain.

Dog Training in nature

Dog sitting

Wellness vacation for your dog

  1. It is most beautiful at home!!!

    Dog care during a few days off or even for a longer holiday is most relaxed to have it at home. So there is no packing of dog stuff for an external housing or even a possibly long car ride, but everything remains the same only with a replacement of the owner.

  2. Outside - at every opportunity!!

    Dogs love and need walks, not just to relieve themselves. They do also actively smell, hear and see new things which demands the brain. Exercise also reduces stress. I try to spend as much time as possible outside with the dogs.

  3. Being alone is "boring" ...

    Dogs live in packs, so I try never to leave the dogs alone in care. I simply take them along when necessary errands need to be done, whereby also in the car the safety of the dog is the top priority. Your dog doesn't know or like car driving? Then he gets an extra training session.

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